Sentry Web Authentication System demo:

The Sentry Web Authentication system is our flagship authentication, authorisation and user management system, this product can provide complete user management for your site, feel free to take a demo of our recent version, at the bottom of this page you will find a link for both the Admin panel and user sign in pages with a demo user and password for each.

If you spot any bugs or if something isn't working, please email with your report.
Many thanks

Michael Lowe
Sentry Web Authentication developer



Pen testers and security researchers welcome


You are invited to run pen tests against the system on your own server, you will be given a 30 day period in which to run pen tests to confirm and ensure that the system is secure, to obtain a 30 day trial period please contact with the following details

I will then be in touch via email and will attach a zip file containing the system files, pen tests will be locked to the domain names you've provided in the email.

Many thanks
Michael Lowe


Version in development: 3,8,3,1
Expected release date: Unknown

Current version:


Version Release notes

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Version changelog

Version changelog

Version 3.7.4 changelog

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Version 3.5.5 changelog

Version 3.5.4 changelog

Version 3.5.3 changelog

Version 3.5.2 changelog

Version 3.5.1 changelog

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Version 3.4.0 changelog

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Version 3.2.1 changelog

Version 3.2.0 changelog

Identified issues

Version 3.1.2 changelog

Version 3.1.1 changelog

Version 3.0.2 changelog

Version 3.0.1 changelog



Requires PHP 7.3 and above and MySQL 8 or equivalent and above, requires an SMTP server for outgoing emails PHP 8.x is now fully supported

Requires access to the "php.ini" file and you must have the ability to install the "SourceGuardian" extension or have the "SourceGuardian" extension installed on your hosting provider

Please take a look at our new online store, you can purchase the Sentry Web Authentication System software with activation packs

Please make sure you are familiar with the workings of PHP and MySQLi before you purchase, this product is for developers to add into an existing application

Admin panel >
Password: demoadmin%

User sign in >
Password: demouser%